What is Mindful Coaching?


  • Coaching is a positive  future orientated process designed to explore and facilitate  the  changes you want in your life.  
  • Coaching is totally non-advisory. It empowers you to identify and create the changes you want to make.
  • Coaching is totally confidential and non judgemental  using active listening and playback , open questions and coaching models and /or exercises as appropriate to give clarity on your required change , considering how our thinking influences our feelings, actions and results and how to create shifts in that thinking to get the results you really  want.
  • Coaching is not therapy or counselling which requires a different approach .
  • Bringing a Mindful approach to coaching can help you focus and detach from the  frazzled mind to regain awareness of present moment thinking and the impact those thoughts have on your life.


Coaching in the Workplace


  • For organisations, coaching can help their people bring the best of themselves to the workplace  by looking at their whole selves, aiding wellbeing , developing skills and adding value, aiding performance, personal development , improving retention and organisational agility in ever changing markets. 

  • Organisations are successful based on the success of their people and coaching for development is the most effective way to support a  competitive edge.


Mindful Coaching supports Change 

  • Purpose/Role especially at changing stages of life 

  • Feeling stuck or blocked and gaining Clarity 

  • Self Belief 

  • Confidence

  • People Pleasing & Perfectionism

  • Well-being through Stress Reduction


  • Work Life Balance 

  • Goal Setting and Accountability

  • Promotion 

  • Career Change  

Work with me


My clients

Working in Supportive Partnership

Working in Supportive Partnership

I work with male and female Professionals  in organisations at all stages of their career and life  journey.

My background is Finance in Global Corporates and Professional Services and I have made a mid life career change which often resonates with potential clients but I work with all professions.


Working in Supportive Partnership

Working in Supportive Partnership

Working in Supportive Partnership

I work with my clients either face to face at my studio in North Hants , at their workplace or on line so location is not an issue. 

I typically work with clients over a number of months providing a confidential, non judgemental space  to explore what's important, challenges, beliefs and facilitate  considering fresh perspectives .

 I bring a Mindful approach to my coaching and can add techniques and tips to support the change journey if appropriate .

I provide support and accountability between sessions and playback to extend the self reflection beyond each individual session.


Work with me

Working in Supportive Partnership

Work with me

Working with me as your Coach provides -

• Space for self-reflection 

• Encourages fresh perspective 

• Provides challenge  

• Accountability for your plans

Coaches don’t provide answers, they ask great questions! 

Mindful Coaching incorporates Mindfulness thinking and practices as appropriate and useful at each session.

If you'd like to work with me to find clarity, achieve balance , regain belief and make sustainable change . Get in touch for a no obligation consultation. 

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