Coaching Client Feedback

 " I came to see Hazel about confidence boosting , we actually unpicked a number of other topics . I look at things in a very different perspective which I would not have seen without Hazel’s help. She has the ability to understand so much about me as individual in such a short space of time, asking the right questions to help underpin where I need some focus." 

"One of my key takeaways is how Hazel coached me to recognise the type of negative language I use towards myself and think around how I can change this being more positive. Hazel has also helped me cope with stress realising the importance of maintaining a healthy work/life balance". 

"Hazel’s ability to listen and make me feel totally comfortable to talk about things I believed was meaningless and stupid! The most important strength is the ability to make me feel comfortable and look at myself in a different way."

"I would absolutely recommend Hazel ,she is personable, professional and makes you extremely comfortable. I have actually been referred in the past for counselling and now recognise in many areas it wasn’t counselling I needed but a Coach!! My overall confidence/ belief in myself has improved greatly.  This has improved my self-belief "

"A friendly, non-judgemental listener. Played back comments to help me think things through and work out what my options were. Hazel helped me to think about realistic and achievable goals. I had opportunity to feed-back on what I had chosen to do and whether things had worked out and what I may do differently in the future.

I was surprised at unravelling my thoughts and some of the things I thought were obstacles were actually my excuses. My nature to please others at my own expense was and still is a stumbling block.  Now I have more clarity, I am working on it.  I do need to say no sometimes. My needs are important and I can prioritize them!

 "I would recommend Hazel. Her calm, measured approach is very helpful. Also, her ability to help unravel thoughts and recap at the end of each session on the main points raised. Hazel gave me confidence in my ability to resolve issues. Not in the way I initially thought.  I need to think about meeting my needs!" 

"Hazel was very encouraging and helped me realise that I was doing a lot of thinking between our sessions by managing to draw out and articulate my thoughts in a way which I was unable to do.  She helped translate my thinking into defined statements such as what things are non-negotiable to me, what I could do to feel more comfortable in certain situations etc.  

I would recommend Hazel very highly, she is quick to establish a rapport, very easy to talk to, friendly, incredibly professional and helped me to get result the result I was looking for.

"My confidence levels have literally improved 100%. I can also see the positives in myself and have actually started to like myself, believe me that is amazing to say!!"

"Hazel has an organised approach, is highly emotionally intelligent, a good listener, empathetic and knows the right questions to ask.  She is confident, professional and authentic." 

  "Very professional and skilled at asking the right questions to develop my thinking"

Mindfulness Consultancy Feedback


   "Hazel led a Mindfulness at work session at a recent Ramboll UK Finance Forum. She was professional with an authentic and down to earth approach which the audience very much appreciated. Whilst the session was relatively short it was of high impact. Through our Wellbeing Network, we are now considering how we could take this approach forward more broadly across Ramboll in the UK" . CFO 

"I have worked with Hazel on a corporate basis for several years now.  She adopts a calm and measured approach which, combined with her personable and confident outlook, make it very easy to work with her.  She provides excellent advice on mindfulness in the workplace and which improves focus, wellbeing and performance." Partner Law Firm

“After hosting a recent business breakfast for us, Hazel gave an inspirational  and positive insight into mindfulness at work; helping our audience clarify mindfulness goals, develop leadership capabilities whist helping to maintain balance in their lives. 

Hazel Todd is a fantastic Mindful Coach and I would highly recommend  her.”  Finance & HR  Recruitment Company

"I attended a taster session and although I’m a convert to all things  mindful and I meditate regularly I found Hazel’s approach very  grounded and enlightening . She has a very professional delivery  on  a topic some sceptics might easily dismiss. I’d urge anyone who  wants a more engaged workforce to get Hazel into the building". Participant

"Very Impressed with Hazels approach, very professional and well explained. As part of the armoury to combat stress and burnout in the workplace, I'd recommend her to any company"  Burnout Expert

"Fantastic taster session, I loved the short experience and felt energised. Would recommend for busy people" Participant

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